Remuneration offered is subject to one’s qualification, experience and field of employment. A fresher usually starts off with a package of Rs 6,000 to Rs 10,000/month. Eventually with qualitative experience, the pay packet gets heavier. In this sector, private practise yields better money as compared to an employment with a firm. Speaking about the employment opportunities in this field, Ghose says, “Psychologists may take up jobs in teaching, clinical practice, basic research, applied research, psychological testing, industrial counseling or may work for businesses, career services, at centers for the developmentally disabled, in consulting firms, correctional facilities and prisons, social welfare organizations, defense services, family and health services, government organizations, hospitals, market research organizations, mental health organizations, educational institutions, in training and development services and youth services. However, there are many applications of each specialty, and psychologists investigate a wide range of topics,” she signs off.