Students with a psychology background can explore a wide range of fields. These diverse options can be categorized into three areas, namely, therapy, human factors, and research.Clinical psychologist: 

Clinical psychology is perhaps the most common and largest area of practice. According to Malini Shah, senior counselor, Avishkar Centre, “Clinical psychology is a diagnostic tool to understand human emotions.” Clinical psychologists predominantly work with people facing difficulties due to stress, anxiety, depression, phobias, etc. Experts in this field understand and analyze the thought process of the person before helping them alter their thinking pattern, thus helping them perceive situations with a positive outlook. Thus, the basic job profile would include:1) Assessing and analyzing behavior patterns2) Choosing and planning an apt method of treatment3) Research4) Maintaining reports to decide on further actions5) Counseling  

Counseling: Counseling requires a lot of endurance. When it comes to do my essay, you can choose from several fields ranging from child counseling to marriage counseling, health counseling, rehab counseling, community counseling even academic/career counseling, etc. Given the current social scenario, the most popular fields are child, academic and marriage counseling. Depending on your specialization, the skill sets you need may differ. For example, when it comes to child counseling, one needs to be much more sensitive and understanding since getting a child to confide in a stranger is definitely not an easy task, especially when it comes to sensitive issues like sexual abuse or failure. Children may not always absorb or reciprocate to the spoken word. “Therefore, based on the age of the child and his/her area of interest, counselors may have to indulge in techniques that children can relate to as part of the treatment This could be anything from drawing/coloring attractive pictures to playing fun games and story-telling,” explains Shah. It is important to be creative and vivacious while dealing with children.